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Development trend of the mechanical industry in industry 4.0


Mechanical engineering is a key industry in many countries in the world, including Vietnam. In the context of the industrial revolution 4.0, Vietnamese mechanical enterprises are facing many difficulties and challenges. Especially in recent years, the world’s mechanical engineering industry has tended to innovate, focusing on 5 main issues in order to catch up with advanced science and technology.

Mechanical engineering is a spearheading industry of many countries in the world, so it is very important to many countries.

Training high-quality human resources

Human resources are always an important factor in determining the sustainable development of the mechanical industry. Therefore, businesses need to promote education and training of human resources from intermediate, college to university levels.

Currently, universities, colleges, and many vocational schools in the country are paying huge attention to developing mechanical engineering to train highly qualified and skilled mechanical engineers and technicians. It can be seen that the field of mechanical engineering has become very popular and has received great attention from many related departments. Investing in high-quality human resources is a long-term and sustainable direction for the development of mechanical enterprises.

However, for human resources to be stable and have the highest quality, training should be linked between theory and practice, avoiding cliché theories that are difficult to apply in practice. Enterprises should send potential good managers and employees to overseas training projects to build a quality workforce, and increase productivity and efficiency. Thanks to that, it is possible to catch up with talents in the industry to jointly develop this potential mechanical industry.

Shifting trend in the mechanical product manufacturing market

The position of the mechanical engineering industry is of particular interest to most countries in the world today: multipolar international relations, diversified consumption, global economy and free trade, and scientific progress. technology and information society. Therefore, the mechanical engineering industry needs to ensure the following trends:

Global products.

  • It has reduced product life cycles.
  • Diverse product needs.
  • Big market, high competition.
  • Computerization and intellectualization of all production and circulation processes.
  • Raise awareness of environmental protection.

To meet the above requirements, we need to ensure globalization, reduce production costs, make the most of labor resources as well as improve turn-around ratio profits and continue to invest in research activities, the world’s leading machine manufacturers have advanced manufacturing of high-tech mechanical products into their domestic market production facilities and introduced a number of assembled parts to new markets such as Latin American countries, China, Malaysia, India, and other markets in South Asia.

The trend of linking mechanics and electronics creates a potential mechanical field – Mechatronics

The need to develop products that need interdisciplinary integration technology between mechanics, electricity, electronics, information technology, and system control has spawned the mechatronics industry.

Mechatronics creates a new technology that has a qualitative change of thinking and industry, the main point is that technological thinking creates innovation and promotes solutions to complex engineering problems.

Electronic technology trends have created many new products, providing solutions to increase the efficiency and functionality of industrial equipment.

Focusing on critical mechanical segments with great potential for growth

Applying modern technology is a necessary requirement to increase competitiveness in the context of the 4.0 revolution.

Currently, more and more foreign enterprises are investing in the Vietnamese market, leading to a fiercer competitive market. Therefore, in order to optimize productivity and reduce costs, for sustainable development, enterprises must invest in advanced science and technology in production machinery and equipment, and maximize the automation of production processes. 

The mechanical engineering industry in Vietnam should focus more on investment in manufacturing machinery and equipment, bringing high competitiveness, large market capacity, and taking advantage of the country’s resources to create a competitive advantage position with foreign enterprises.

Applying information technology to production and operation management

Enterprises are growing and expanding, and applying information technology in production and operation management is the current inevitable trend in the mechanical industry, for businesses to develop sustainably in the market. 

The essence of the industrial revolution 4.0 for mechanical production is based on the digital technology platform and integrates all smart technologies to optimize processes, and production methods as well as predict the future. Those are not easy missions to accomplish, needing the best solution to meet these challenges.

Source: Co khi Viet Nam

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