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Our Media & Partners

Our Media & Partners
We would like to express our sincere thankful to all media & partners for our great corporation.

Founded in 1987, Fastener World has been dedicated to combine and promote the fastener industry together with many Taiwanese fastener enterprises. We provide magazines and B2B online platform for fastener-related companies to publicize effectively and precisely, and we take customers to participate in exhibitions at home and abroad, which make us not only a reputable marketing platform in Taiwan, but also a globally recognized marketing media around the world. Our customized services maximize customer benefits, and we are proud to help fastener-related industry flourish and glowing.

Metals and Mining Review is a leading business and technology magazine that provides a peer to peer learning platform to feature the value proposition offered by leaders of Metal service providers by helping them reach our subscribers. The magazine will be available in print and digital versions, reaching out to over 37,000 print subscribers and over 61,000 digital subscribers.

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