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The automatic classification system with the AI camera has been successfully transferred.


The Mechanical Research Institute (Ministry of Industry and Trade) has researched and successfully transferred an automatic classification system that integrates AI (artificial intelligence) cameras.

The urgent desire of logistics enterprises

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 has had a strong impact on the logistics industry. Applying artificial intelligence, automated systems in logistics units are deployed and contribute to reducing delivery time and communication costs, thereby optimizing business costs.

Automatic product sorting system at Century Logistics Joint Stock Company

Recognizing this trend, the National Institute of Mechanical Engineering (NARIME) has made active financial and human resource investments, worked with other units, and invested in both to gradually master the calculation, design, and integration of automatic systems using the technology of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

At the same time, the Institute designed, manufactured, and integrated an automatic sorting system for Century Logistics Joint Stock Company under the Aviation Logistics Joint Stock Company (ALS).

A member of the research team from the Institute of Mechanical Engineering explained to the reporter of Industry and Trade Newspaper that automated sorting systems are an alternative to humans for carrying out product sorting processes, from manual work to converting to using automated systems to divide the products according to user specified. 

Identification devices to distinguish different products are important components in automated sorting systems. Depending on the type of product in different systems, the identification devices that can be used are sensors (color-sorting sensors, shape-sorting sensors, material-sorting sensors) or photo (camera)…

A challenging issue for the plastic trays in this system in comparison to traditional grading systems is the point of reference for product differentiation. The markings are stamped on various surfaces, but the geometrical profile of the plastic sorting trays is mostly the same. This greatly affects the results of the classification system when the plastic trays come from many different manufacturers with different forms and quality of stamped symbols.

The representative of the research team stated, “The above challenging problem directly affects the design of the system, especially the selection of identification devices to meet the requirements of the system.

increasing productivity by streamlining production processes

The engineers and scientists from NARIME have successfully calculated, designed, built, and tested the automatic product classification system at Century Logistics Joint Stock Company. The system will formally go into production starting in January 2023.

Components in the system: (1)- Inlet conveyor; (2)- Photo booth (with camera); 3- Conveyor belt at the shooting chamber; 4- Sorting conveyor; 5- Air blower assembly; 6- Output defective product; 7- Output of products; 8- Control cabinet

The system makes use of a camera (sorting device) that is equipped with artificial intelligence and is capable of accurately capturing and classifying products, particularly those that are moving quickly on conveyor belts, in order to meet productivity requirements. The system has so far always operated steadily and dependably, perfectly fulfilling production requirements, and is highly regarded by investors.

The automatic product sorting system’s primary job is to organize the plastic trays as they travel from the conveyor inlet to each designated door. The plastic trays will be placed on the input conveyor and then transported to the shooting chamber where the camera will take pictures and identify the trays before sending the information to the control system. The plastic tray keeps moving while being shot, so it doesn’t need to be stopped.

Based on the information sent by the camera, the control system will process and send control signals to the air blower assemblies to bring the product to the correct output as required. To maintain the proper distance between the plastic trays and maximize system productivity, the conveyors in the system are installed in ascending speed order starting with the inlet conveyor and moving to the conveyor at the shooting chamber and the sorting conveyor. The system’s control screen allows for flexible output selection for each tray type.

Through the operation process, the automatic product sorting system at Century Logistics Joint Stock Company can operate continuously on a working shift of 8 hours/day, recording productivity of about 7500 products/hour (equivalent to about 60,000 products/day).

In actuality, the period between testing and official operation is not the busiest time. Calculations show that the system can produce up to 70,000 products per day when operating at maximum productivity.

The representative of the research team emphasized, “The successful design, manufacture, and operation of the automatic product sorting system at Century Logistics Joint Stock Company has contributed to bringing advanced technology, currently on optimizing production processes, increasing productivity, and contributing to reducing operating costs.

Along with the efforts of the research team, Century Logistics Joint Stock Company has enthusiastically supported, dared to think, and dared to act on behalf of the task’s success. Despite the fact that the company is still relatively new, it has given priority to investing in technology for production automation.  The mission’s success will serve as the foundation for future design, production, and installation of automation systems in other smart manufacturing factories in Vietnam. 

Source: Industry and Trade Newspaper

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