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Opportunities to transfer themselves to supporting industrial enterprises


Currently, Vietnam is an attractive location for many technology firms to choose as a place to develop production chains. Some manufacturers in the global supply chain of major firms are gradually focusing on Vietnam. In particular, it must be mentioned that the supply chain of Samsung and Apple technology has formed and is gradually expanding in the present and will develop in the future. Specifically, Apple has 11 factories of Taiwanese enterprises in the supply chain that have moved to Vietnam or expanded the production base available in Vietnam such as Foxconn, Luxshare, Pegatron, Wistron… Samsung decided to thrive in Vietnam by building the Group’s largest Research and Development Center in Southeast Asia, valued at $220 million, in Hanoi; and plans to continue expanding its plant in Bac Ninh, Thai Nguyen. Earlier this year, Dong Nai issued investment licenses for 2 projects of $100 million from the component supplier to Samsung, Hansol Electronics Vietnam (South Korea). Techtronic Industries Vietnam Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TTI Group) of the United States is also intensifying its search for more than 300 domestic suppliers to supply thousands of details, components…

Vietnam has formed and developed large economic corporations operating in the field of basic industry, materials, mechanical engineering, etc., such as Vietnam, Vietnam Airlines, Vingroup, Truong Hai, Thanh Cong, Hoa Phat, etc., creating a foundation for CNHT, helping Vietnam to gradually participate more deeply in the global production network and value chain.

The Covid-19 epidemic affects the supply of goods of large enterprises in the global organic agriculture industry. This has created an opportunity for businesses operating in the field of organic agriculture to develop more strongly. Signalling positive market demand for organic agricultural products is also an opportunity for domestic enterprises to participate in high-value supply chains. However, in order to meet the needs of large corporations in the supply of agricultural machinery, domestic enterprises need to actively improve competitiveness, access and apply advanced technologies, modern production models in the world, and meet production technology.

According to Pham Tuan Anh – Deputy Director of the Department of Industry (Ministry of Industry and Trade), it creates opportunities for the formation and development of domestic value chains through attracting effective investment and promoting business connections and links between Vietnamese enterprises and multinational enterprises, domestic and foreign manufacturing and assembly companies. In particular, building concentrated agricultural production zones to create sectoral clusters, improve the added value and competitiveness of Vietnamese products and enterprises in the global value chain. In the long term, the state needs to study the development of the Law on Agriculture and Rural Development, from which there are specialized policies to promote the development of agriculture and rural development, welcoming investment flows and shifting production from countries.

Resolution 115/NQ-CP has set a goal that by 2025, Vietnamese enterprises will be able to produce organic agricultural products that are highly competitive, meet 45% of the essential needs for domestic production and consumption, accounting for 11% of the value of production of the whole industry. In order to continue to create incentives to promote the field of organic farming in the developing country, in addition to the efforts to improve the production capacity of each enterprise, the system of policies and mechanisms on organic farming needs to be improved and implemented more synchronously and effectively, so that organic farming can overcome difficulties, challenges and sustainable development.

Source: Tap chi co khi

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Opportunities to transfer themselves to supporting industrial enterprises
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