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Complete Hybrid Cloud Connectivity Solutions for the Enterprise


Complete Hybrid Cloud Connectivity Solutions for the Enterprise

As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) distribution partner, FPT Telecom offers an AWS-direct connectivity infrastructure solution that helps customers leverage the full value of AWS Cloud for business growth.

The current stage of the post-Covid hybrid cloud

It can be said that the Covid pandemic has restructured the economy in general and the IT sector in particular. Many businesses face ever more challenging situations, such as high maintenance costs, cost of hardware innovation, or increased investment. In order to sustain funding and grow their business after the pandemic, companies are forced to seek a more flexible business operating model that both reduces costs and optimizes resources to overcome obstacles. One of the key pillars of this model is cloud computing.

Cloud Computing allows customers to benefit from reduced investment costs, rapid deployment, scale to demand, and reduced operating time. However, there are still many businesses that choose to store data domestically but wish to take advantage of the availability of international cloud service providers such as AWS. As a result, Hybrid Cloud was created to address this need, delivering the economics, scale, resilience, availability, and automation of Public Cloud (e.g. AWS), but still meeting compliance requirements for data storage or business systems that must be located in the country.

However, the problem of data synchronization, as well as information exchange between two cloud platforms in different geographical areas, is one of the main obstacles to implementing a hybrid cloud solution for reasons such as large latency when connecting over the Internet environment, complicated operation, difficulties for security and compliance… making organizations have a headache to find solutions to this connectivity problem.

Hybrid Cloud Connectivity Problems for Business

FPT Telecom International – a member of FPT Telecommunications Joint Stock Company (FPT Telecom), one of the leading technology companies in Vietnam, has found the solution to the hybrid cloud connectivity problem for business.

In addition to 24 years of experience in providing telecommunications and data center infrastructure, FPT Telecom also built its own Hi Gio Cloud platform to serve domestic customers. In the last 02 years, FPT Telecom began building solutions to support customers moving to the Cloud with a Hybrid Cloud approach, leveraging its available infrastructure strengths.

With a newly upgraded infrastructure directly connected to AWS in Singapore and consulting and implementation experience for the banking, financial and insurance sectors, FPT Telecom is confident to provide AWS Direct Connect to customers with a commitment to 99.95% quality of service and compliance with the strictest security requirements of AWS. The bandwidth offered to a customer can be up to 10Gbps and routed to Singapore via AAE1, IA and APG underground cable lines.

FPT Cloud Connect (https://cloudconnect.csen/aws-direct-connect) is an advanced solution for business through a dedicated connection to service applications in a simple, efficient and secure way, based on the most popular cloud providers in the market today.

By using FPT Cloud Connect, customers can establish a private connection between AWS, Azure, GCP… and the data center or office environment, which can often lead to lower network costs, increased bandwidth, and a more stable network experience than a typical Internet connection.

“FPT Cloud Connect’s FPT service uses unique and reliable cable protections that make the AWS Direct Connect service highly secure and available. Since then, we can confidently bring premium service experience to VPBank’s Fintech customers ” – Mr. Tran Ngoc Thang – Network Engineer, VPBank Finance Co., Ltd. [CL1]

It’s not just the hybrid cloud infrastructure

In addition to AWS Direct Connect service, FPT Telecom also provides many efficient and optimal customer support services on AWS’s platform: Solution Provider, Migration, which minimizes downtime and data loss by providing fast, reliable recovery of AWS physical, virtual and cloud-based servers, Managed Services, and enterprise-ready professional operations teams that remove the burden of operating systems on AWS and Hybrid Cloud models.

With the mission of pioneering the Internet, bringing connections to the people of Vietnam and the great desire of each Vietnamese family to use at least one service of the company, FPT Telecom is working to implement the Strategy “Bringing great experience to customers” on the basis of promoting the core cultural value “customer-centred” and the FPT technology power platform, thereby pioneering to become the best and superior Digital Service Provider in Vietnam.

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Complete Hybrid Cloud Connectivity Solutions for the Enterprise
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