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The Master Worker Of Ben Nghe Port


Coming to Ben Nghe port after graduating from mechanical engineering, engineer Nguyen Hong Thao was assigned the task of maintaining and repairing cargo handling vehicles.

The charm of being in the right profession, making him more enthusiastic, curious, and learning; At the same time, he received the attention and encouragement of the leaders of the unit, which helped him to launch many valuable innovations and technical improvements, saving billions of dong for the Company.

Engineer Nguyen Hong Thao on the construction site of Ben Nghe Port.

Although it has been more than 10 years, Mr. Nguyen Hong Thao still remembers his first initiative when he first joined the Ben Nghe Port One-member Limited Liability Company under the Saigon Transportation Mechanical Corporation (Samco) 2009. It is the adjustment of the clearance for the clutch disc of the moving brake mechanism Trolley Gantry” (Gantry Crane (QC) for container handling) – an initiative that helps save money average savings of more than 70 million VND/month for the Company.

Mr. Thao said that this solution helps the crane operate efficiently, stably and can monitor the condition of the brake disc without having to remove the brake cover; while reducing machine downtime, brake clearance is always properly aligned, improving equipment safety. Thereby, contributing to increasing the volume of goods through the port, attracting the attention of ship owners and shippers.

Over time, this mechanical engineer has in turn launched technical innovations right on the port site. With the motto not only ensuring the vehicle’s stable operation with high reliability, but also aiming to improve the loading and unloading productivity of vehicles and equipment, Mr. Thao launched initiatives such as “Using the key fork (fork kickstand) as jigs, change cylinder seals directly on Liebherr cranes”, “Manufacture and installation of guide rollers on trolleys of Gantry Crane cranes”, “Design, manufacture create a manual gantry crane with a lifting capacity of 2 tons”…

These valuable initiatives have contributed to improving the supply capacity for customers, bringing convenience, safety and high productivity to workers and employees when using.

When asked about the project, the most daring and memorable initiative, Mr. Thao said, it is the project “Manufacturing the planetary gear set for the LHM (Liebheer) 250 crane cable drum gearbox according to specifications new”. Mr. Thao said: When the mobile wheel crane LHM 250 broke down on February 3, 2014, the leader requested to research and propose quick repair solutions, put the crane into operation soon, and meet the production requirements and business needs. The initial survey showed that the replacement cost was too high, the order time was over 5 months, so the team in charge proposed a redesign to suit the genuine parts, available on the market. Since starting to research and manufacture again, the research team has used less than 65 million VND along with 5 weeks of intense work to bring the LHM 250 crane back into operation, helping businesses save more than 4.1 billion VND.

Engineer Nguyen Hong Thao researched many topics and initiatives to benefit billions of dong for Ben Nghe Port One Member Limited Liability Company.

Loving his job, passionate about his work, Nguyen Hong Thao not only regularly explores, creates and maintains his skills, but also attaches great importance to self-study, constantly inquire to improve his professional, practice ethics, industrial manners and meet requirements in the conditions of economic integration. While working and studying, engineer Nguyen Hong Thao has diligently equipped himself with many diplomas and certificates, completing a Master’s program majoring in Organization and Transport Management.

With his knowledge and practical experience, Mr. Nguyen Hong Thao is considered the chief worker of Ben Nghe port, and at the same time participates in training and skill training for many young workers of the unit…

“Mr. Thao is a dynamic, creative person, serious at work, and has a sense of responsibility at work. He always has a progressive spirit, actively supports colleagues, improves labor productivity, contributes to reducing costs in production. He is also active in guiding and fostering skills for young engineers and workers of the Company”, said engineer Nguyen Ngoc Chien, Thao’s colleague.

After 11 years of working at the port, engineer Nguyen Hong Thao has had many initiatives and “treatments” for many “heavy” cranes and machinery, contributing to improving the production and business efficiency of the Company. With his unremitting efforts, Mr. Thao has also “pocketed” for himself 13 research projects, technical initiatives and dozens of titles and certificates of merit from the Prime Minister, the People’s Committee of Vietnam. He is also an emulation example of Ho Chi Minh City, making a significant contribution to the emulation movement of nation building, building a team of city workers worthy of entering the new century.

Source: TTXVN

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